1.When will my goods arrive after I make payment?
Time Of Purchase is a key factor,your geographical location is also a factor for timely delivery.

2. How safe are my purchased goods?
Our of Style of packaging ,Delivery makes our package well secured. It also has an “affordablegh seal” on the package, which needs to be checked if it been tempered with.

3. What do I do If I receive an order with missing or broken products.?
In case of damage product, We will need a PHOTO EVIDENCE,well snaped photo to prove the package was damage through the handling and delievery process. [Then you can has a replacement].
NOTE: Replacement will be possible if our handlers caused the damaged.

4.How do I update my my order?
Depending on your mode of purchasse, whether through facebook ,phone call or our website.All can be updated if on it has been dispatched.

5.How do you ship or Transport my orders?
By Car,Motorbite For Quick and Safe Delivery.

6.What are Your Return Policies?
Ans..Get Our return Policies Here

7.Can I return Good or Product I purchase at affordablegh?

Ans.. Generally Goods and Products Bought At Affordablegh are NOT returnable..Unless Damaged During delivery and handling process.
Ans.. Goods are returnable if what you ordered has been changed, or damaged during handling and delievery Process.

8.How do I track My package when it on the way?
Immediatly we dispatch our riders and Drivers we update you with a phone call.

9.How can I cancel My orders before I make payment.?
You can cancel all orders if the purchase has not been confirmed.

10.Is MTN Mobile Money,The only Payment Option?
No We do accept Visa,Debit well as Bank Deposit, Master card and Cash On Delivery.